Auto unlock your Mac with Sera for iPhone.

Available on App Store for iOS

What is Sera?

A great way to auto lock and auto unlock your Mac by turning your iPhone into a key for your Mac.

Keeping you safe

Put your iPhone in your pocket, walk away and we´ll make sure your Mac is locked and safe until you return!

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

We use Bluetooth LE to communicate with your Mac. Don´t worry, it won´t drain your battery.

Easy setup

The setup is easy! You do not need to interact with your iPhone to keep your Mac safe!


It works on all new Mac's with BLE support, OS X 10.10 and above. We also support iPhone 5 and above.

Why use Sera?

  • Ever forgot to lock your Mac at your desk?
  • Concerned if someone is whatching you while typing your password?
  • Need an easy way to auto lock and auto unlock your Mac?

Sera solves all your concerns. It´s simple, it´s safe — it´s never been easier to keep your Mac safe from others!

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